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[04-04-2017] WTAG – Craig Peterson

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Airing date: 04/04/2017

Should you buy the New Samsung Galaxy S8 – Will Samsung Survive?


Craig Peterson: If you have a Samsung phone or you had one, Samsung made some announcements that you really need to hear about. In fact, if you’re looking for a new android phone, should you buy one? Should you buy one of these new Galaxy S8? Well then you have to stick around because that’s what Jim Polito and I spoke about this morning throughout the state of Mass.

Jim Polito: He is our Tech Talk guru. An all-around great guy. Joins us every Tuesday at 8:40. Well, it’s 8:42, we’re a little late but that’s ok because Craig Peterson is here to talk to us about all thing tech. I get an email from a listener and the listener says that Craig Peterson, great segment. He’s probably very successful now. I mean we know, Craig invented a part of the internet, that’s not a joke. But he’s got a successful business. But they said was he a pocket protector wearer when he was young? Did he wear a pocket protector when he was a young guy? And you know, I mean it’s like Craig, it’s just I have to ask you the question. This guy’s a fan of the show. He’s a fan of yours. He knows you’re successful. He knows you’re the guru of Tech Talk but did you ever wear a pocket protector?

Craig: Actually I did.

Jim: Oh no.

Craig: And then you know what else is bad? I was a band geek too.

Jim: Ah, that’s ok. A band is fine. Now listen, come on Craig, you’re not that much older than me. Are we around the same age?

Craig: Yeah. Hey, well, a little bit of my younger background. I graduated from high school when I was 15. So I did not fit in with anyone. I didn’t care. I had a slide rule. A circular slide rule that I had on my belt.

Jim: You mean like the Doctor Strangelove had in the movie? You know what Peter Sellers had when he was doing the calculations? You had one of those? I don’t even know what to do with that.

Craig: I carried it around in my belt and I did have a pocket protector because I had different color pens and pencils, right? I had mechanical pencils and so I had to have an HB pencil, a B2 pencil.

Jim: Oh my God.

Craig: You know, they’re for different things. The different hardness of the lead.

Jim: Oh my God Craig. You know well, if anyone were to meet Craig Peterson right now, you would not envision that past. You wouldn’t be able to make the connection between the guy you see now and the circular slide rule pocket protector, all of that… yeah. Craig, I had to ask you the question. And I hope you didn’t find that insulting.

Craig: No, no.

Jim: Ok. Right. It was just, you know.

Craig: I was young at that time, you know. What can I say? By the time I got into college, they wouldn’t, I don’t know. I just said we’re about the same age, but I had to take calculus without a calculator. They would not allow us to use it, so I had a big slide rule and a book of tables.

Jim: Oh my God. Can I…

Craig: Which I had to use for trig, advanced trig and calculus back in college.

Jim: Can I just let you in?

Craig: But this was the Great White North. You know, we live in igloos and we dog team to school.

Jim: No, I know, you’re Canadian. Can I let you in on a little secret?

Craig: Sure.

Jim: In terms of me and calculus?

Craig: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Jim: I can’t spell calculus. So we’re right there. The book is in front of me. It’s presented to me. Calculus. And I say I can’t take this course. I’m going to have trouble spelling, I mean I have trouble spelling it. You know, I…

Craig: Well, once you understand it it’s easy. It’s like anything, right?

Jim: Oh sure.

Craig: When you know how to drive…

Jim: Sure, sure. Just like Greek. So let’s get to, hey listen, in the time that we have, because this is important, and a lot of people are ready when I said this is what we’d be talking about. They wanted to know. Samsung, alright? It took a hit, what was that, the Galaxy 7? That was kind of…

Craig: The Note.

Jim: Yeah. So now they’re trying to redeem themselves. And I’m going to the expert. I’m going to Craig Peterson. The Galaxy S8. Tell me about it and tell me whether or not they’re redeeming themselves.

Craig: Well, South Korea, of course, the headquarters of Samsung. And Samsung is Apple’s biggest competitor by far. And when they released this new phone which is just a few days ago, the president of Samsung came out and said we have a dream to overcome Apple. That’s what they are hoping for. But you know we got some problems here. The new S8, it looks like it’s a great device. It’s got some nice new features. It is definitely, right now, the best android phone on the market without a doubt.

Jim: Wow.

Craig: If you could get your hands on it. You can’t quite yet, depending on where you are. But very, very nice. It’s the best android phone. Now Samsung, the battery problem was a big problem. You know, we will see what happens because the problem with the batteries, the problem batteries were Samsung batteries. They’re by a division of Samsung.

Jim: So, hey, you can’t blame the vendor and that…

Craig: No. They can’t. Well they did. They did. They said oh no, no. that’s a separate company. Well, ok. It comes from the same company umbrella.

Jim: But it’s your company. Yeah.

Craig: Exactly. It’s really crazy. So they think they fixed some of these battery problems. This is a big phone. You may not want to bother with these, like the tabs that they used to have. Very nice. But Samsung’s biggest problem frankly right now is android. Because, look at Apple. Apple comes up with a new phone. They come up with a 6s, or they come up with a 7. And their hardware is better. There’s new software. New features. New cool things you can do that are built into the phone. You know, the touch sensitivity, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Because Apple controls the whole ecosystem. With Samsung, they’re reliant on Google to come up with new innovations in software. That one doesn’t hardly do any of it right?

Jim: Yeah.

Craig: So, they can make the best hardware in the world. I say they did. I’m not sure they did. But let’s say they did. So what? You got a new piece of hardware. It’s faster. My phone’s fast enough already. I can already do touchscreens. So that’s the thing that’s going to hurt, I think, Samsung. That’s their biggest challenge. Google software, all the security problems that come with it, Google still has not patched up all of these problems that the CIA leak exposed.

Jim: Wow.

Craig: Apple apparently has if you download the latest of Apple iOS. By the way, I’m recommending people to get the latest one. I didn’t like the last one. I recommended not to get it. But this new 10.3 that’s out is really quite good. But, yeah, we’re trying to keep this really quick. I know. So if you are a fan of android devices.

Jim: Yeah.

Craig: If you have a Samsung and you’ve been waiting to get the Samsung, nowadays it’s just should I get an Apple? Should I get android? It’s a matter of personal preference, ok?

Jim: And a lot of it is, isn’t it inertia in the marketplace? I’ve been with this so I’m going to stick with it.

Craig: Yeah. Exactly. So you got the preference. You know how to use android or you know how to use iOS. And so you’re just going to stick with it because neither one of them are bad choices. I keynoted just last week for a bank and I also spoke at UNH Law School, and when it comes to security, if security is part of their job, there’s only one choice. And that’s an iPhone.

Jim: Wow.

Craig: And security, if you don’t care so much…

Jim:  Yeah, that’s a commercial right there Craig. And I don’t mean that you’re cheering for Apple, I mean that’s a commercial right there. I mean if you’re really interested in…

Craig: I think it is.

Jim: I mean I think that the government did a great job promoting Apple with the whole San Bernardino Shooters and we can’t get into the phone.

Craig: Yeah. They’re really doing the right thing. Phones can be patched up, they are patched up. Android, Google knows that android is so far behind on being able to keep all of the phones made up to speed. And android devices are designed to hit a price point. So they’re using a, basically, free operating system. They’re using inexpensive hardware. Every android phone, even with this in the same model, I bet you, if we will take apart these S8s that are coming out of Samsung right now, that there would be different pieces inside. Which means they’ve got to make different versions of the operating systems just because they’re trying to hit the price point.

Jim: They’re trying hit the price point. Craig, this has been very helpful. I know folks are going to have more questions and don’t worry folks. Just because this segment is over doesn’t mean your contact with Craig needs to be over. He will not pester you. But if you text my name, Jim, to this number:

Craig: 855-385-5553.

Jim: That’s great. You will get all these information plus more. Craig will not sell your name and your cellphone number to anyone and he’ll just give you updates every once in a while. Craig, we had a great personal breakthrough here with you. And, by the way, a great explanation of the android-iPhone debate. I appreciate it.

Craig: Alright. Thanks Jim. Take care.

Jim: You too. Bye-bye.

Craig: And don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast, http://CraigPeterson.com/itunes. And I’m elsewhere as well. Take care. We’ll chat with you later. By the way, I haven’t been doing as many dailies over the last week or so. Really busy with the new project. We’ll tell you about that later. You’re going to love it. It’s coming out of some of the speaking engagements that I’ve had. I’ve been keynoting quite a bit lately and I think we’ve got something that you’re going to like. Anyways, we’ll chat about it later. Have a great day.

Show Notes

Joined Jim today to talk about the future of and with Samsung, as they have recently launched their Galaxy S8. Will this be the redemption for Samsung from the exploding battery in their Galaxy Note 7? Should you consider buying the new Samsung Galaxy S8?

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