[2017-01-30] NH Today – Tech Talk – Mainstream Managed Services

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[2017-01-30] NH Today – Tech Talk


Joined Jack on NH Today talking about the new order of President Trump to enforce HTTPS and make use of secure servers.

We also discussed why the PC sales is down for the 5th year.

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WGIR – 2017-01-30_ Trumps-Orders-Agencies-to-Use-Secure-Servers

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Airing date: 01/30/2017

Trumps Orders Agencies to Use Secure Servers – PC Sales Way Down Again



Jack Heath: Alright, Craig Peterson live from Vegas. I didn’t even know we’re going to Vegas for these [??]makers have a high score in Super Bowl but Craig’s there for a different reason. Good morning Craig.


Craig Peterson: Hey, good morning Jack! Busy morning.


Jack: Yeah. We have to get you back tomorrow if you’re there. Tell us just for one, give us a live report. You’re there for some tech stuff I imagine.


Craig: Yeah, yeah. Hey you know we’ve got, of course President Trump doing a whole bunch of things. One of the big things that he’s doing right now is he’s pushing security in the government. He’s now forcing all of the government agencies to start using secure servers, to start using encryption, SSL HGPS. And there’s a little bit of a pushback but I can tell you, this particular one isn’t gonna get the type of pushback you’ve been talking about this morning.


Jack: But Craig are you there for that big show?


Craig: Well, yeah, the CES show was last month, if that’s what you’re referring to.


Jack: Yeah.


Craig: The big Consumer Electronics Show.


Jack: You’re just down there…


Craig: I’m just here actually to work with a couple of clients.


Jack: Oh, ok. I didn’t know if there was an ongoing show or some stuff going on. If you’re just trying to get the line on the Patriots and the Falcons first hand.


Craig: Well, I probably could put a bucket or two on it but I’m not a big gambler. Last time I was here I blew every nickel I had. I had brought a whole roll of nickels with me.


Jack: Better to blow nickels than a hundred dollar bills.


Craig: Yeah. Isn’t that the truth? Absolutely right.


Jack: Craig, another one of your tips that you had, and this is no surprise, is PC sales are down, huh?


Craig: Oh yeah. Let me tell you. This is really bad news for some sectors of the industry. People are using their smartphones or smart devices more and more. So we’ve seen PC sales down again for the 5th year in a row. We’re

talking about, give or take 6% here, drop year over year, from 2015 to 2016. And it really is kinda showing here that the end of an era. We’re seeing Microsoft with its new CEO doing some really smart things. I am so impressed with what they’re trying to do. And frankly what they’ve been able to accomplish with moving to the cloud. They’ve got all new Office services for businesses and individuals as well. Because they saw it coming and Apple did too. Apple’s had for quite a while, what they call a mobile first strategy Jack. They’re saying, hey listen. Everybody’s gonna be mobile. Our phones, our iPads. Lots of people are gonna be using. And in both cases, Microsoft and Apple, boy, they’re dead on.


Jack: Yeah. Alright Craig, thanks for being a good sport and flexibility this morning. We’ll get you back again if you need to on anything of importance which is a lot with you, I appreciate on the Tech Talk side of things. Craig Peterson thank you.


Craig: Hey, thanks Jack. Take care.


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