[2017-04-24] NH Today – Tech Talk – Mainstream Managed Services

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[2017-04-24] NH Today – Tech Talk

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Airing date: 04/24 /2017

Old Apple Computer Software Available on Internet Wayback Machine


Jack Heath: Craig Peterson from our Tech Talk side of things joins us in the Auto Fair listener lines. Craig, good morning. How are you sir?

Craig Peterson: Hey good morning. Doing well. I’m back out west and I’m out in Phoenix yet again for another conference.

Jack: Well not a protest but a conference.

Craig: A conference. Exactly. It hit a hundred degrees here yesterday. So it’s a little bit of a shock to the system.

Jack: Someone might be talking about that. It might be like an environmental thing. I know. I’m kidding. It is probably a little warmer out there. But anyway, Craig, interesting because I was listening to America’s First News coming in and some of these old video games. And even like old Apple computers going back to the 1970s like an Apple II are fetching a pretty penny now in the collector circuit.

Craig: Yeah, they are. In fact one of the original Apple Is just brought in a pretty penny. And what’s interesting too is there’s a website out there that has been grabbing archives of the internet for decades. And it’s kind of fun for me to go back and look at my websites, you know, of Mainstream which is my company, way way back. But they have also grabbed all of the Macintosh programs from the 1980s and as well as those Apple II ones you’ve mentioned, and they’re making them available online which is really kind of cool. So if you used to play some of those old games on your computer or have some other pieces of software out there, the internet archives got a collection of these things that you can go online and play with. I’ve got a link to it right there on my website. And it includes an emulator Jack. So you don’t have to have an old Mac or and old Apple II, it’s all built in. And our computers are so fast and cool, it will run in your web browser. It’s really kind of cool to play with.

Jack: Hey Craig, get an ending you want. Of course his show Tech Talk with Craig Peterson. Craig Peterson with an O-N.com. I want to stay clear of all of the politics or the sexual harassment stuff and the merits of anything or not in the cases. But obviously, Fox felt that there was enough there to force O’Reilly out. No more O’Reilly Factors. He’s on his own. He has a podcast tonight was announced on his website for those people who subscribe to his website. It’s going to be his first kind of live thing, or it’s not going to be live but his first. But do you know one thing people do not know, Craig? Anyone who watched the O’Reilly Factor? The show is not live. He taped it early afternoon or early evening before every show. It’s all taped. But that’s neither here nor there. My point was he’s going to do a podcast tonight in his website. Forgetting all the controversy and the case around Bill O’Reilly and I mean that unless you want to comment. Your opinion is yours. Do you think that things are changing? The point where he can, because we’ve seen Glenn Beck and others try this, do you think he can push his own podcast as you have enough of a following where he doesn’t need the network in your mind or do you think he’s going to still wind up in a traditional media platform with the new media?

Craig: Well he could definitely end up in a news platform in another station. But podcasting works. And kind of depends on how you’re going to monetize it. But you have guys out there that talk about politics. Alex Jones, right? He’s out there. He has a podcast that’s very popular. And he’s monetizing it by selling vitamins and other types of supplements and things. So O’Reilly’s definitely going to have a very strong podcast following. There are millions, more than half of Americans who listened to a podcast recently. That’s amazing statistics. And if you have enough listeners, advertisers will pay to be on your podcast. It’s yet another way of very narrow targeting and I think Bill O’Reilly might well be on to make some good money off of that.

Jack: Of course with this severance in court, I don’t know how much he has to pay out for his lawsuits. He probably has a little time here to have it ramped up. Alright. Craig have a good Monday. Enjoy the balmy temperatures out what did you say, Arizona?

Craig: Yeah, in Phoenix.

Jack. Alright. Thank you very much.


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Show Notes

Joined Jack on NH Today as we look back in time when internet started way back in the 70s, especially Macintosh. There are so much to reminisce and appreciate as we consider what we are enjoying now with technology.

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