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The FBI Insider’s 7 Deadliest Threats to Your Business…

…and How to Avoid Them.


FBI Insider Shows Why Your Small Business Is at Greater Risk of Cybercrime than Ever Before

And What the Latest FBI Intelligence Reveals about How to Protect Your Business…


Dear Small Business Owner:

You are now the favorite target of cyber criminals. Not big banks. Not big retailers. Not hospitals. Not insurance companies.

You. The small business owner.

Why are these criminals picking on a “little guy” like you?

One simple reason: You’re an easier mark.

Criminals are lazy. They look for low-hanging fruit. They look for easy money.

You are easy money.

Unless you’re protected against the FBI Insider’s “7 Deadliest Threats to Your Network

“Craig, How Do YOU Know What the FBI Insider’s 7 Deadliest Threats Are?”

Because I’ve been protecting computer networks for more than 3 decades – and as a member of the FBI’s InfraGard program, and national webinar coordinator  – I get to share the latest risk vector information with the people who protect our nation’s critical infrastructure.

And because of this intimate relationship, I hear the horror stories, I know the evil trends, and I see the financial destruction.

And I make it my business, literally, to protect you from this tide of criminality.

I tell you what the FBI would tell you if they could. I show you how to protect your network the way the FBI would protect your network if that was their job.  

Because not only are small businesses the top target…

When it Comes to Cybercrime, Small Businesses Have Everything to Lose


– The average business email compromise (BEC) attack costs $67,000.

– It only takes 90 seconds for a cybercriminal to drain your company bank account.

– If you accept credit cards and you’re compromised, the fines are in the tens of thousands.

How many disasters like this could your business withstand?
Don’t answer.

Attend my webinar and you’ll never have to worry about it.

Protect your business the way the FBI would protect it if they could.

Thursday, April 12th
4PM Eastern Time

Hi, I’m Craig Peterson, director of national webinars for the FBI’s Infraguard program. Tune in to find out how to protect your business almost as securely as if the FBI was working for you!

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