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Receiving dozens of awards over the decades, Mainstream Technology Group was founded in 1991 to help build and protect the Internet. We now have more than 260 people supporting clients throughout North America and around the world. We have served over 5,000 clients in the past two decades, including dozens of Fortune-500 companies through local small businesses.

We continue to excel in providing solutions to problems that other companies just haven’t been able to fix.

Why You Shouldn’t Put Information About Your Key Personnel Online, and Why You’re Not Going to Find Information About Our Key Personnel Here!

Our founder, Craig Peterson, has pointed out how just how much of a problem that can be.

“The FBI is reporting that just one facet of CyberCrime, a Business Email Compromise, is costing companies more than $5B per year. That’s a lot of money, and no businesses are exempt from their reach,” said Craig Peterson. “Take a few minutes and do an ‘ego’ search for your particulars. Just how much information is out there about you and your business? It’s scary, because that very information is used to scam your business, or worse!”

Hackers can easily find out all kinds of information about the management team and then use that knowledge to attack them or the business.

Would you like more proof? Craig advises you to “Look into your SPAM folders. How much SPAM do you get, and what kind of messages are they sending? Narrow it down a bit, and look for Phishing Attacks. New attacks are being launched every hour. The only good news is that they, hopefully, landed in your SPAM folder and not your inbox.”

The only way to win the game, or at least not to lose, is not to play the game. So, you won’t find any information here about our management teams or employees.

If you’d like to reach out, please feel free to fill out our contact format, and we’ll get back to you.

Be safe out there!

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