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McAfee sides with Apple, confirms that FBI has asked for a Backdoor

John McAfee is an American computer programmer, 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate, and developer of the first commercial anti-virus program, has stated publicly that the FBI has certainly asked Apple to create an iPhone backdoor, with their request for additional assistance above and beyond what Apple has already given to the FBI and to San Bernardino County.

Illuminating the the FBI itself was hacked recently by a 15 year old boy, its clearly obvious that creating a backdoor for the FBI to use would almost guarantee that criminals and other malicious actors would simply hack wherever the backdoor access tool was stored and steal it in order to steal from, all of us.

“Computer programming expert John McAfee has said the FBI would have to put a gun to the heads of all Apple programmers to get what they say they want, and that anyone who understands the issue stands with Apple, in an exclusive interview,” … “‘There is no question that what the FBI has asked Apple to do is create a backdoor,”‘ … He disputed the bureau’s argument that only one phone used by one of the San Bernardino mass shooters would be affected… ‘The very FBI,’ McAfee charged, ‘who says, ‘we will protect this software and only use it on one phone,’ that agency was hacked by a 15-year-old boy just last week, who walked off with all the personnel records including, [of] undercover agents.’”

This is a must watch video interview with John McAfee.

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