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Firewalls Alone Just Can’t Protect a Business Anymore

Mainstream is taking a different approach to network security.

We are removing the requirement for a privileged intranet, adding multiple layers of security throughout, tieing Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and our Network and Security Operations Centers together to provide some of the best Small and Medium Business security available anywhere.

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Is the security of your company’s data really important?

Are you looking for that extra edge to keep your Intellectual Property or Customer Data safe?

Or maybe even re-start from scratch?


Today 25% of all business data bypasses your network security.

Discover why 75% protection is not enough


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in cloud services, networks, security and data centers

Unmatched Internet Security Expertise —

More Than 20 Years

Partnered with the top Cloud, Hardware and Software companies in the world


China Allegedly Behind Major Security Breaches

China Allegedly Behind Major Security Breaches

Major security breaches of several major U.S. law firms may have actually been perpetrated by state-sponsored Chinese hackers, Fortune reports. Hackers reportedly launched cyber attacks against some of the country’s most prestigious law firms last summer. Targeted...

North Korea Cyber Warfare, Bad Passwords and More

North Korea Cyber Warfare, Bad Passwords and More – North Korea deep into cyber warfare, defector says. The South Korean government thinks there are 1,800 cyberwarriors in Bureau 121 is the agency at the heart of numerous cyberattacks from...


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