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Joining Ken and Matt talking about some security issues. Should companies hack their own employees, and what are the best tools for entrepreneurs of today.

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WGAN – 2017-02-01

Below is a rush transcript of this segment, it might contain errors.

Airing date: 02/01/2017



Matt Gagnon: Every Wednesday at 7:38. Craig, how are you this morning?


Craig Peterson: I’m doing well. I’m out west this morning, working with some clients out here. A pain clinic. There’s a series of them. It’s kind of neat I’m in Vegas and the temperature has been the same as it has back at home. But now, I guess, it’s gotten a lot colder I guess, the last couple of days.


Matt: It’s snowing.


Ken Altshuler: Yeah, I don’t think you should be telling us what’s happening in Vegas. I mean, isn’t it supposed to stay there?


Craig: True.


Ken: And I didn’t ask you they called the wind Mariah way out west. I’ll pass out when I’m to. But so, let’s talk about some security issues. Should companies hack their own employees?


Craig: Oh, wow. Well that’s a good question and I absolutely have come out on the side of yes they should. You know, we’re all getting hacked. It’s constant. The NSA, I don’t know if you saw this guys, two weeks ago. The National Security Agency’s hacking tools, the tools they used to hack into our computers and bad guys’ computers, they were stolen. They were hacked. And you can go and buy the NSA tools by the way, for $800,000. Anybody out there on the internet. So everybody gets hacked. It’s a constant thing. President Trump has come up with a couple of security directives. He’s signing executive orders telling federal agencies they have to start using secure servers with SSL, you know. With everything that they can reasonably do to just keep everything straight. I’m helping here. My wife is driving as we’re going. So…


Ken: Pay attention to the road, Craig. That’s more important.


Craig: No, no. She’s driving so I’m confusing her. That’s my job, right? So the question is if you’re a business and you’re guaranteed you’re going to have people trying to hack you. That people are gonna try to come and get your information. They’re gonna do the CEO scam that’s happened to the tune of over $2 billion, what should you do as a business? And what I’m saying at this point guys is that what we really, really should do is continue to train our people that hopefully you’ve been doing. But trust yet verify. We need to hack our employees. We need to be sending in emails that are, you know, trying to get them to do the things that hackers are trying to get them to do. Things that they should not be doing.  And see how they respond. And then if they failed the test as it were. Actually, don’t think of it as a test, right? If they don’t do the right thing, what you’re gonna end up doing is just giving them more training. It’s really that simple. And I think we gotta do that. We gotta do social engineering test. We gotta do all of these stuff.


If we don’t hack our employees, if we don’t get them well-trained, we are going to lose a lot of money. And there’s one case when one lady over in Eastern Europe was able to get a CFO, to wire $42 million to her. And it was out of the

country in 90 seconds. And eventually they caught up with her and arrested her. But you know, that’s frankly kind of the exception. Most of the time people get away with it.


Matt: Talking to Craig Peterson, our Tech Guru who joins us every Wednesday at 7:38. Craig, speaking of security, looks like the government’s finally migrating its website over to a more secure environment with https?


Craig: Yeah, no. This again. This is kind of a secure server thing I was talking about earlier. And a lot of people think a secure server is just having your https. Which what that means is your data’s encrypted. And since your data’s [??], you’re safe. I think it’s the first step. It’s what everybody should be doing when they’re trying to secure their data, to secure their information. So President Trump put out an executive order saying we’ve gotta make sure that we have all of our data secured at least in transit. And the next step is, ok great, the data got there securely, but what happened once the data was there? And the answer to that has to be it was also secured. But being a secure server does not mean that the data’s secure when it gets there, right? So, I think they’re setting a good example for us that we need to follow as businesses. Make sure we’re using the SSL. Make sure we’re using the secure server type of technology, which by the way, has also had some serious problems over the last few years. We had bugs with that too. So bottom line, nothing’s secure. So don’t get your hopes up too high right?


Ken: We’re talking to Craig Peterson. He joins us. He’s our Tech Guru every Wednesdays at 7:38. Hey Craig, PC sales going down. Pretty logical why that’s happening isn’t it?


Craig: Yeah, it is. You know I’m talking to you right now on a device that’s used to be called a phone, you know. Now it’s a smartphone. It’s really a small computer and a very good one at that. So, you know we were moving away from the world of PCs and it’s a low margin business anyways frankly. It’s not a business I would want to be in. We saw more than 6% reduction in sales over the last year. And you know, that brings up two things. First of all, Microsoft, I think, is doing the right thing. They are trying to move to the cloud. They’re providing some great technologies for people. Their Office 365 product is really quite good. You know there’s still some problems. It’s quite good but Microsoft is realizing hey, we’re not selling phones. We’re not selling PCs. So if we wanna stay alive, we got to change our business model. So Apple has done that for a while. They have what they call Mobile First Strategy, which is you know yeah, we’re still gonna do the desktop thing, but really we’ve got to aimed at mobile devices because that’s where the future is and, you know, we’re all online. Most of us, almost everyone in fact. It’s over 80% now. Starter shopping experience online. Most of us also view even video online on our smartphones right now. So you know, if you’re on business, we should seriously consider that. Make sure your websites, all your applications and things, all work on these mobile devices coz as we go forward, people are just gonna use them more and more and more because they’re so easy. They’re with you all the time. They do a great job. So back to your point, why would anyone buy a PC?


Matt: Great question for you Ken. Ken, you don’t have a PC.


Ken: I have a MacBook Pro which I love.


Matt: Indeed.


Craig: Yeah. And that’s part of their ecosystem Ken. I love that too because my iPad ties in. My phone ties in into my MacBook Pro. Everything just ties right in. And for those of us, you know, we’re a little older. We’re well into our 30s.


Ken: Yeah, yeah. I wish.


Craig: That sort of a device is what we’re used to and more efficient on that. But you know, kids these days, they don’t do so well with the keyboard. They really like these smartphones and iPads and tablets and other things. And that’s ultimately where it’s all going.


Matt: Alright, Craig Peterson our Tech Guru joins us every Wednesday at 7:38 and final question for you Craig. If you’re an entrepreneur out there and you’re looking to kind of put a leg up and help yourself out with your entrepreneurial ambitions here. What would you use? You there are good tools online for apps that might serve you well as an entrepreneur.


Craig: Yeah, I drew a big article about this on my website and I’ve put in the tools that I use constantly. And I, you know, just to give you a sense of scale, I’ve got 50 different people. I’ve have people working in other countries, in other time zones. The other side of the world in fact. So I found that there’s some basic tools, things like Slack that are excellent tools that you’re really gonna love. So I’d list a few of them. Slack is probably the number 1. I think people will like it if they haven’t tried it using it for team communication and there really is absolutely nothing better out there. But there’s about a dozen different tools that I use on a regular basis. I think everybody should pay close attention to.


Ken: Alright, Craig Peterson. Our Tech Guru joins us every Wednesday at 7:38 as always. Craig, thanks for joining us. Have a good time in Vegas. Don’t tell us what happens. And we’ll talk to you next week.


Craig: Take care guys.


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