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Airing date: 05/03/2017



Craig Peterson: I don’t know if you guys heard from my show on Saturday, but Maine, Mass., New Hampshire are talking about changing time zones moving to Atlantic Time. So anyways, this morning, I was up way too early and I was talking in Maine about, you know, some of the latest tech. And I get into the new Samsung S8. This is a landslide game changer. And here we go with Ken and Matt.

Matt Gagnon: 7:38 on Wednesday as every Wednesday, we are joined by Craig Peterson, our tech guru, who is here to talk about all things technology. How are you doing, Craig?

Craig: Hey, good morning. Doing well. How about you guys? Sounds like Ken’s might be losing his lungs back there.

Ken Altshuler: Well, yeah, and it’s because I do have some Apple stocks and should I get worried about this? Is Apple now about to. Did I hear that they have something like two hundred and somewhat million dollars of cash reserves or something like that?

Craig: Oh they’ve a ton of cash reserves. Of course, I don’t provide financial advice but Apple is a company. It’s still extremely healthy. It’s going to continue to be, you know, the stocks going to go up and down. Ultimately someone will replace Apple. It happens every time. And you know, for now, it’s probably worth the ride. You know, talk to your financial advisor for that sort of thing.

Ken: But Apple’s sale of iPhones have gone down 1%. Not huge. And that’s because everybody, according to Apple, that’s because everybody’s waiting for the iPhone 8 to come out which is supposed to be new and improved and radically different. Will it be?

Craig: You got problems going on here, Ken. Really, it’s not just the iPhone but it’s the iPad that’s having some issues and its market saturation. What do you do? Once everybody that wants one has one. What do you do at that point? So, what Apple did kind of in the last generation is they came out with a less-expensive iPhone so that the people that were priced out of the market would get one of these little 5SCs for instance. And that kind of helped. That was a great bump for them. But the other point you’ve brought, Ken, you were dead on, which is the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 10 or X or whatever they’re going to end up calling it. This is 10 years. Can you believe guys? 10 years of iPhones?

Ken: Wow.

Craig: Yeah. Time flies. So Apple’s planning on a real big phone for the iPhone 10, which is going to be out sometime in June or September, you know, if they match the 10-year anniversary, it’ll be just at the early part of the summer. If they’d use their normal launch schedule, it’ll be in September. We don’t really know, of course they keep this stuff hush-hush so that we can talk about it on the radio. But it’s going to be a great phone. I’ve seen some of the stuff coming out of China on, you know, the leaks sites as to what it’ll be. And it looks like it’s going to have a very advanced camera, very advanced display, you know, a few really cool things like that faster processor. But, you know, how much better is that?

That’s just incremental, right? It’s been a long time since Apple or anyone came up with something that wowed us. I’ve got to say though, for Samsung’s, you know they’ve got their new S8 phone out, which I was playing with a couple of weeks ago. This is a whole new concept, I believe for Samsung. And what they’ve done now is they have this new phone. They have the S8 that you can stick into a dock. Now this little dock is going to power it, charge it, but you can hook keyboards and displays up to this dock. So now basically, you have your computer in your pocket. And the idea is now you can take it into your office, your work. Drop it in the dock, and there you go. You’ve got everything that you’re working on there. On the android. And then on top of it, it ties right into these new online cloud services where the cloud services are providing Windows machines for you. So, with your little Samsung S8 phone now, you pluck it in the dock and now you’re right in the middle of your Windows session. It’s got all your android apps. You’re listening to your phone. You take it out of the dock. You go home. You drop it in the dock. You’re right where you left off. You can use it while you’re in the bus, the train, passenger seat in the car and continue working. It’s really handy for that aspect. The part I’m not sure I really like is the fact that of course, you’re online all of the time. You’re working all of the time. Heck we don’t take breaks as it is, right? But that’s a change in technology. Having a nicer camera, that’s no big leap if you ask me.

Matt: We’re talking to Craig Peterson, our tech guru who joins us every Wednesday at this time, to give us an eye on technology around the world right now. And you know, I got to ask you, speaking of large technology companies. Google. You know Google’s one of those. And apparently I’m no longer able to trust their top featured answers.

Craig: Yeah, have you seen these things? About a third of the time, when you do a search on Google, it comes up at the top. It’s a little box above the search results. And that little box gives you kind of, basically the answer to your question. Have either of you guys seen it?

Matt: Yes I have.

Ken: I have not.

Craig: You have not. Ok. It comes up pretty frequently. It depends on what you are searching for. And what Google is trying to do is find common answers for questions and stick them in there. Now the way they’re finding them is they go, when they’re crawling websites and look for concise answers that look like they might be the answer to a question. And so when you’re searching it just pops it up for you and life is good, right? There’s some real problems with this. First of all, of I go right now, in fact, I’m on the site right now Ken, on TuneIn Radio, 560 WGAN up. It’s your homepage. And it shows pictures of a couple of ugly guys, I’m not sure who they are.

Ken: That would be us.

Craig: And the rest of your programming for the day. But how do you guys, on your regular webpage, how do you make money? How do most people make money on their websites? It’s advertising. Right?

Matt: Exactly.

Ken: Yup.

Craig: How do you guys make money on your radio show? It’s advertising. So when Google goes and scrapes the answers from your website, displays it on their answer page, how much do you guys get paid?

Matt: I have absolutely no idea.

Ken: Yeah. I don’t know.

Craig: You’re paid nothing. Zero. Zilch. Right? They grab something from the New York Times. They grab something from you name the place, they’re not paid at all for those answers. Ok? So we got 2 problems here. First of all, if you went and you did a search on why firetrucks were red, that little search box would come up and give you a part of Monty Python sketch about firetrucks, right? Another one was you do a Google search about Barak Obama, and it would come up with a little answer in that little box about how he’s King of America. There’s another one about dinosaurs. You do a search for dinosaurs and a little box popped up and said well dinosaurs are the most, are used more than anything else to indoctrinate children. However the bible give it a framework for explaining, right? So, are those appropriate answers for Google results or not? Right? For some people yeah, very appropriate. I’d rather see a Monty Python sketch of you ask me. But in reality now, Google’s got a couple of problems. They’re taking stuff from websites that may or may not be accurate. You know it’s hard enough to click on those links and find the right answer. And then on top of that they got one more problem and that is they are stealing your content. You guys worked on your homepage or maybe David did. Somebody worked on your homepage, right? And put all that information together and you’re not getting any income from it because they’re not seeing your homepage, they’re seeing the answer. So this is a real problem that’s out there now presented itself for the last little while. These are not accurate answers. Google calls them featured snippets or rich answers. This tech is illegal in the European Union because it is in fact stealing people’s copyrighted content and displaying it right in the homepage. I don’t know Ken, maybe there’s a class action suit for you.

Ken: Oh, I like that. Yeah. I like that. Maybe I can make some millions of dollars on that.

Craig: So there you go. Just supplements your…

Ken: Craig Peterson… there you are. They ought to give you a finder’s fee for that too. Yeah. Craig Peterson, out tech guru, joining us as he does every Wednesday at 7:38 as always. Thanks Craig. We’ll talk to you next week.

Craig: Gentlemen, take care. Have a great week.

Ken: Thanks. Same to you.

Craig: As always guys, thanks for listening. Take care. Bye bye.


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Show Notes

Joined Ken and Matt, to talk about why everything we thought about passwords is wrong. Also discussed today is the reason why you can’t trust Google’s top featured answer, as this can lead you to reading fake news.

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