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[2017-04-17] NH Today – Tech Talk

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Airing date: 04/17/2017

Failed Korean Missile Test Background – United Airlines VS Social Media


Craig Peterson: If you’re wondering a little bit about the North Korean missile hack or maybe also a couple of other problems that just happened including the NSA dump, oh man, that’s just terrible. And what’s happening with United, that’s what we talked this morning about here in New Hampshire Today with Jack Heath.

Jack Heath: Alright, Craig Peterson joins us right now. Our regular contributor. Our Tech Talk guy in a timely way because 2 topics very much in the news last week and this week. Craig Peterson, I hope you had a good Easter. Good morning.

Craig: I did.

Jack: Craig joins us now at the Auto Fair listener lines. Two stories in the news that fall into your bill of our Tech Talk expertise Craig, and of course his show airs on the weekends on the iHeart side, and that is the United Airlines story. It just shows the power of social media with handheld devices. You know, just how quickly things can get out. And the second story is over the weekend the botched, the North Koreans flexing and fired, you know, they did this test fire a missile that they were touting, and it was a dud. And there were some speculation that, you know, that a cyberhack could have made that a dud. And I just want to throw both out there and see which one you want to comment on.

Craig: Well, and there’s a third as well and that is another one of these NSA hacks on Friday. They released a code that is going to compromise Windows computers around the world right now. I talked a lot about that on my show on Saturday. But yeah, this is interesting. You know, we hacked the computers that were running some of the nuclear equipment over in Iran. And the we way we did that a few years back is we left a whole bunch of USB drives kind of laying around for the engineers, to pick up, that were working in this Iranian facility. And so they picked it, oh somebody left this. Oh, free USB drives. So they took it back. They used it in the nuclear facility. And that code spread and it ended up destroying these Iranian centrifuges that were being used to make some of the components here that you need basically for nuclear bombs.

Now, that’s an interesting way to go about doing it. North Korea launched these missiles. Now let’s roll the clock back here to about 2014. And that’s when President Obama said we need to start cyberattacking using our cyber skills to go after North Korea. It was shortly after that Jack, that all of a sudden, North Korea missiles started going off target. They weren’t making their targets. They started having problems.

Jack: I remember this. And they were flying towards the Sea of Japan. And some would go further, some just go kaput. I remember this. Yeah.

Craig: Yeah, exactly.

Jack: It’s almost become a joke. I mean when they test fire, they don’t seem to go well. It’s like a fizzled roman candle on the fourth of July. At the same time they have a serious military arsenal. So are you saying there’s something to using technology to thwart their capabilities?

Craig: Well, I think there probably is. In fact, there’s some statements about that. The BBC is reporting that Malcolm Rifkind, who is a former British Intelligence minister, was saying that yeah, he thinks that the US cyberattacked these Korean missiles and brought it down. And the thinking is what we’ve done here is whether we used the USB thumb drive drop like we did over in Iran. Or we did something else. We got malware now inside these missiles.

Jack: Right.

Craig: And those missiles apparently…

Jack: Well they’re all computerized, right?

Craig: Yes it is.

Jack: The high tech weapons of today are computerized. I mean, you know.

Craig: It is.

Jack: You know those Tomahawks we fired in Syria. Those were laser-guided.

Craig: But there’s no way they’ve got them hooked up to the internet. Right?

Jack: Right. Right.

Craig: So the hack couldn’t… you know, is unlikely to have come in through the internet. So we got the malware in there somehow. But apparently, we’re able to monitor with our targeting computers and say if it’s going towards Japan, one of our allies trying to go towards us, then we go ahead and we splash that missile.

Jack: Yeah.

Craig: So apparently this is very, very sophisticated. And I wouldn’t put it beyond that to, you know, be able to do this after what, President Obama, 2014? It’s been 3 years. That’s plenty of time.

Jack: Yeah, but I think it’s good if it avoids, you know. It’s good to use technology in a good way. Real quickly, United Airlines. Boy, the power of viral social media.

Craig: Yeah. Big time. Also showing the power of big data. Because United Airlines is trying to figure out what flights are people not going to show up for? And so they do not overbook as many flights as they used to. But they still kicked 40,000 people involuntarily, without their permission, kicked them off the planes every year. Now that’s kind of a big deal and now as you pointed out Jack, social media can make your business look like a pariah. Look like a bunch of nasty people. Even if what you did wasn’t particularly bad or wasn’t bad at all. In United, of course you know bloody noses and dragging people screaming off planes doesn’t play well in social media.

Jack: Good stuff. Great stuff this morning. Craig Peterson on the Tech Talk side of things. That’s http://CraigPeterson.com. Thanks Craig.

Craig: Hey thanks Jack. Bye-bye.

Hey thanks for listening. As Jack just said, http://CraigPeterson.com. Have a great day. Talk to you soon.


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Show Notes

Joined Jack to discuss a little bit about the North Korean missile hack, including the NSA dump, this and more only on Tech Talk with Craig Peterson.

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