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[2017-07-24] NH Today – Tech Talk

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Airing date: 07/24/2017

What is the Future of Artificial Intelligence


Craig Peterson:  Hey, Craig Peterson here. Have you ever wondered about artificial intelligence and what effect it’s going to have on us? Well, that’s what I talked this morning with Jack Heath about.

Jack Heath: Alright, joining us now in the Auto Fair listener lines, one of our regular contributors, our Tech Talk guy whose show airs later on on Saturday mornings on Tech Talk, Craig Peterson joins us in the Auto Fair listener lines. Good morning sir.

Craig: Hey, good morning Jack.

Jack: Well, hope you had a good weekend. Talking earlier with one of our other contributors, Barry Armstrong, about artificial intelligence and how it’s really going to be a game-changer in some sectors of our economy. Your thoughts?

Craig: Well it is, frankly. Artificial intelligence isn’t here yet and the ideal here, the ideal definition frankly is that it’s a computer system that learns and it learns new things. Things that no programmer has ever told it. And we’re still quite a way’s away from true artificial intelligence. Yes, we’ve got more and more speed in our processors. We’ve got more memory for the computers. But there’s still only theoretical artificial intelligence is out there. But when they do hit, Jack, I think Barry is right that it’s going to make a huge difference. And basically, all of these lower-end jobs can be done with an artificial intelligence controlling robotic systems for instance, and doing so much more. So it’s also scary, right? It’s something that’s been in science fiction forever, where the computers take over and it’s part of the reason that Elon Musk wants to get a colony on Mars because he sees that within 20 years from now, we will have artificial intelligence and if it starts running rampant, we need to have a whole other planet that people can live on in order to potentially survive the artificial intelligence. There’s a lot of discussions going on about it.

Jack: Now, explain the last part because it’s interesting. You think, from a practical or realistic point of view, it’s still years away. But why would we need a colony on another planet to survive artificial intelligence?

Craig: Well it depends on how far it could go. Have a look at the past 6 weeks. We’ve had two major attacks that have occurred worldwide on our computer systems. And they were done by, the first one, by the people that just took some of the NSA, CIA code that’s maybe a few years old. They kind of crafted something that attacked computers. They were able to take control of many computers. And then more recently, the first of July, we had this other big one. And this other big attack was obviously done professionally. Let’s consider that we have a computer that can manipulate, change the attack vectors that can potentially get into all of the latest CIA hacking tools. And even more than that, can come up with its own hacking tools. We have all of our computers kind of join together worldwide, frankly. We have the majority of businesses unable to actually control access to their systems and control all of the patches that need to go in, more than 50% of businesses say that the biggest problem they have are frankly the end users. So, we have an artificial intelligence that can convince the end users to do things they shouldn’t do, that can make new types of attacks that had never been seen before. Now all of a sudden we have a huge problem on our hands because if it, there’s a few scenarios here, but let’s just use the most common one. If the computer’s designed to be benevolent and to take care of us as humanity, and it sees that humanity is doing things that are actually harmful to it, and then the computer decides, well what I have to do is shut down these computer systems that are being used to do things people shouldn’t be doing, right?

Jack: Right.

Craig: Cheating on our husbands or wife. Or cheating on taxes or, you know, going on and on. Then that computer could be very, very dangerous. If we have a completely separate network on a completely separate world, it would be much harder for any sort of artificial intelligence to penetrate and take over and ultimately, maybe even kill everyone on that planet. It’s a serious scenario.

Jack: Well, I, while you were talking I was thinking, Craig Peterson, host of Tech Talk, I was thinking of something earlier, movies or shows that sort of forecasted or previewed some of this stuff. Many, many years ago, I would say it’s got to be, give me a moment. It’s got to be, boy, more than 25 years ago. War Games, the movie with Joshua where the defense computers, they had all these simulations. And the war games professor, high tech guy programmed these war games that started for real, between us and Russia and other countries and it was simulating nuclear war. And this young kid, remember the movie?

Craig: Oh yeah.

Jack: He had to kind of figure it out.

Craig: Yeah, that’s a very potential scenario. For instance, the most recent, I mean the real world example of this happening within the past 3 weeks. We had Russia, who apparently decided that they wanted to extract a pound of flesh from Ukraine. And so they released some really nasty software to attack Ukrainian business people, as well as civilians. They attached it to some tax preparation software. And it got out of control.

Jack: Wow.

Craig: So you look at something like War Games where, again, Joshua, this computer thought that missiles were being launched. All you have to do is mess with the inputs to that computer. Mess with the sensors. Feed it bad information basically. And if that computer is actually able to make its own decisions and develop its own cognitive abilities, it could go crazy. And we look at AI right now, right now we have some artificial intelligence very, very, very primitive. But we have some that is out there. And the computers, these two AI computers talking to each other, have developed a completely different language for communicating with each other. One we don’t understand at all. Because we did not develop the language. We did not develop the protocols for the computers to speak. We developed these computers we’ve set them off on their own, just like a young child. And these computers, we can’t begin to understand their language right now. And they’re so primitive, it’s crazy. So think about all of these scenarios together here. They’re going to think differently than we do.

Jack: Well, it doesn’t catch you in a good mood on a Monday morning. I mean some of that know how it’s inevitable. Technology has changed our lives and we have these things that we hold in our hand that have become our third hand that’s good and bad. Alright, Craig Peterson, have a good Monday. I appreciate it. Get some rain in on the way for your garden and your plants so enjoy it.

Craig: And my bee farm. Yeah. And one more thing, by the way, Apple’s planning on putting an artificial intelligence chip into the phones in the very, very near future.

Jack: Oh, so we have that going for us.

Craig: It will do good things though, Jack. This isn’t all negative. This, and we’re talking about the extremes.

Jack: Oh, you know, get up off the sofa. Move. It’s good for your legs.

Craig: Exactly.

Jack: Alright, thanks Craig.

Craig: It administers a shock. Take care.

Jack: Yeah. Alright, thanks.


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Show Notes

Joined Jack today for another interesting discussion on what are the possible future effects of artificial intelligence to us.

It has been recently reported that Elon Musk has been considering the possibility of colonizing Mars as a solution to escaping artificial intelligence.


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