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Blowout Report on DNC Hack [As Heard on WGIR – NH Today]

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Airing date: 08/14/2017

Blowout Report on DNC Hack – Craig Discusses the Facts that Came Out this Week about the Russian Hack


Craig Peterson: Did you hear this bombshell report that came out of The Nation about the so-called DNC hack? Well Russiagate goes right out the door and that’s what I talked about this morning with Jack Heath.

Jack Heath: Alright, joining us now at the Auto Fair listener lines, our Tech Talk guy whose show airs on the iHeart News Talk stations on the weekend and Tech Talk. Craig Peterson joins us now on our Auto Fair listener lines. Good morning Craig.

Craig: Hey, good morning Jack.

Jack: Hey, I was struck by what you sent me going into this morning early about what your subject, about a report with the DNC leaks, and I had references and a teaser promotion early this morning. I’m intrigued by what you have to tell us and the source because we now know from the recent, you know the 2016 presidential election, that you know, we knew of John Podesta’s, you know, the of the of the hacking into Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton. The Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, who had to bow out and kind of resign from her job… Oops. Those leaks show that they kind of had the nomination for Hillary Clinton in the bag and were going to kind of do all they could to make sure that Bernie Sanders didn’t get it. And she bowed out before the convention but these leaks were rather prevalent and they kind of came throughout and towards the end. And a lot of people thought it was the Russians. Who was it Craig?


Craig: Yeah. Well the Russians have certainly been blamed for all of this. And some of it with spearfishing like Podesta, where you got an email. He clicked on it and did some things he should not have done. Pretty much everybody knows not to do. But they’ve been blaming hackers for the major leaks of all of these emails and some other documents that were part of that. And there is a, you’re familiar with The Nation, I’m sure. They’re one of the country’s most liberal, most left-wing, most pro-Democrat publications of the nation. Well, Patrick Lawrence came out with a report that has just completely discounted any Russian involvement, in fact, any hacking involvement whatsoever with these leaks of emails. And he went ahead and interviewed a number of different forensic experts, including some people who have been involved with the NSA over the years who were some of our top spies in the United States. And they had a look at these emails and some of the stuff they had to get under Freedom of Information request, and they were able to get it. But this report details at length, real solid evidence that was compiled through all of these different interviews, former National Security Intelligence officers, you know, as I said all of these guys. And it shows absolutely this was not a hack. In fact the hack was impossible based on the evidence that Patrick Lawrence of The Nation, and you can look it up and you can have a good read on this article. It was absolutely impossible based on the information he was able to gather from experts. It turns out, based on all of these timestamps in the files that were released and some other geocoding information that was inside, that it was an inside job by someone who directly downloaded the information local at the DNC offices, who downloaded it from the DNC servers onto a hard drive, not even the thumb drive, and transported it out of the DNC office. So it’s really quite amazing. This whole Russia game thing, which also by the way was in these emails were the Democrats apparently, straight from their emails, were saying if we lose let’s blame it on the Russians.

And let’s say the Russians hacked us, those were actual words in the DNC memos. And now the forensic evidence once examined by these investigator’s intelligence analysts shows absolutely that it was not a hack, Jack. Not at all. Inside job.

Jack: Wow. Now, is this story, Craig Peterson, our Tech Talk guy, is this story getting traction? It doesn’t really fit the narrative that some folks want out there. Is this story getting picked up?

Craig: Well, I went this morning to have a look because it’s been floating around there now since it was published almost a week ago. So I went on to Google and went to their news server and had a peek at it and there are about a dozen stories right now on a number of different websites. Most of the websites, others and The Nation who actually publishes report initially, most of these websites are somewhat right-leaning. You know somewhat pro-President Trump. Somewhat pro-Republican. So to answer your story basically, no. It’s not getting traction. And as you said, it doesn’t appear to fit this Russiagate narrative. And in reality, it doesn’t. And looking at the evidence that was presented in this report, again, assuming that the report is legitimate and I don’t know why The Nation would publish it if they didn’t think it was legitimate because it’s going to hurt the Democrats. Looking at that evidence myself, I say yeah. I would call it conclusive as well.

Jack: Craig Peterson, this is an interesting story because so much time and energy and emotion had been, you know, now we have what? Not one, but three probes into the Russian interference. I’ve said all along, and I want to be very clear on this, that Russia did interfere. Tried to interfere. They’ve done it before and they’ll try and do it again. We should be focusing on preventing that. But is Russia the reason that Hillary Clinton lost the election? No. And by the way, we interfere and try to interfere in other nations’ political process and elections. That’s right. We, the United States, did the same thing. But the report Craig’s talking about, and that by the way, if anyone debates that, what I just said, that I don’t think we can have a productive debate. But what you’re talking about isn’t actually is one of the point bombshell report claims DNC email hack was actually a leak. The DNC hack that rocked the 2016 presidential election may have been an inside job according to new report from The Nation, exactly what Craig Peterson has been saying. Forensic experts, former National Security advisor, you just heard Craig say this. So, but what I find interesting in that report, did I hear you say that the DNC powers to be actually said, if we lose this thing, blame it on the Russians? Is that in there or was that an embellishment on your end?

Craig: No. That’s a separate report. If you look at the emails themselves. That’s not included in Patrick Lawrence’s report because that’s kind of out of the scope. But yeah, we do have the emails on the DNC saying blame it on the Russians.

Jack: Wow.

Craig: Yeah. Different report though, that one.

Jack: I don’t think I’m going to see a certain network that begins with A and ends with C, report this today. I may be wrong or tomorrow or the next week. I may be wrong. I may be wrong.

Craig: The USA Today Jack, the fact that USA Today reported this was kind of a surprise to me.

Jack: Yeah, again you know what happens. And we see this with stories and especially Washington Insider stories. It’s kind of like you have the major networks, maybe some of the cable side of things. It just sort of like certain stories get about an 8 to 10 multiplier. And then in a couple days everyone just, you know, it’s gotta be true. This one here, I don’t think is going to get that multiplier effect.

Craig: Yeah and I think they are relying on people not understanding forensics and how this type of analysis works.

Jack: Yeah.

Craig: And it really does seem like an inside job. However, there is another possibility here that Patrick isn’t really discussing in The Nation and that is, you could have had a Watergate-style break-in to the DNC offices. But remember we talked a little bit before too about our friendly neighborhood Pakistani, who was arrested trying to flee the country, who worked for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who overcharged the government. She was paying them triple the going wages for people who maintain IT systems down in Washington DC. Triple. Paid them $4 million, him and his brothers. He had been recently, his most recent job before working for the Democrats doing IT was at McDonald’s and apparently he was fired from that job. So remember, he was involved in all of this to. He had full access to all of these files. He is apparently, I’ve read a few different stories, has ties, not only with the Pakistanis, but apparently with the Iranians. He have the type of access that would’ve been necessary to create this forensic trail of evidence. So it could have been their own IT guys that did this and sold it to someone. A lot of phishing stuff with these people that she refused to fire even after they were barred from accessing the House’s computer systems. She had him on for over six months or so after he was barred from even touching that computer. She was still paying him triple the going rate. This is going to be an interesting story over time Jack.

Jack: Sure is, if it picks up. Or our guests picked up. Thanks Craig Peterson, on the Tech Talk side of things.

Craig: Hey, I don’t know if you’re aware of it or not, but every week I send Jack and the other radio show stations that I’m on, about 10 different articles. Things I think are really important for the week. But we never get to talk about all of them. If you want to stay up-to-date, visit me online and make sure you subscribe to my newsletter. Take care. Hey, I’d really appreciate it. And by the way spend a minute, go on to iTunes and rate my podcast. You’ll find that easily as well, It’ll take you over to Apple iTunes and write to my podcast. You can write it right there. I’d love to get your feedback. Take care. Have a great day.


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Show Notes

Did you hear this bombshell report that came out of The Nation about the so-called DNC hack? Well, Russiagate goes right out the door and that’s what I talked about this morning with Jack Heath.

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