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Equifax Isn’t the Only Personal Information Breach — I’ll Do a Dark Web Search For Free For My Radio Listeners

Last week, we started providing Dark Web searches for listeners to my radio show. Both Equifax and Experian have had major data breaches which, by now, affecting every single American. We put a form on our very own website for people to sign up to have their email addresses quickly checked to see if their accounts have been manipulated illegally.

The Equifax hack, estimated to have put 75% of personal, confidential information of American adults at stake, is catastrophic. And, frankly, we haven’t seen anything yet. The full impact of this breach won’t hit for weeks or months to come. It’s made us realize how much we need to do to help people and raise their awareness regarding data secrecy.

We must put an end to this hacking manifesto.

In anti-hacking research, launched just this week for my radio listeners, we assessed 1,000+ emails one by one to see if we could find evidence that their information was available on the Dark Web. Unfortunately, we found serious evidence showing that breaches of everything from social networks through data secrecy companies, like Experian, do exist.

These breaches contain the personally identifiable information of millions of people and include their address, credit card number, birthdays, drivers license numbers, bank account details, insurance and loan information, medical history and even their SSN number — all accessible by criminals lurking within the Dark Web.

To help my listeners ensure their security our team arranged a security toolset to do the Dark Web research ourselves. We also put together a training program, which we include as part of the report, to help them protect their information.

At this point, there is a waiting list for people who would like us to do a Dark Web search for their information. If you haven’t already signed up, or if you’d like to refer your friends, family, or business relations, you will find the signup form [HERE]

We appreciate all our listeners, and I’m praying we can make a difference and at least slow down these criminal actors.


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