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Executive Order on Security Review


Last week was a discussion about his order for all federal agencies to have secure servers, and now President Trump has an cyberexecutive order.

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Airing date: 02/02/2017

Executive Order on Security Review


Craig Peterson: Well President Trump has been busy. We talked last week a little bit about his order for all federal agencies to have secure servers. No more of these open servers that can have their data intercepted while en route. Well he now has a cyberexecutive order. We’ve seen some drafts of that order and that’s what we’re going to do our TechSanity Check about today. What is this draft cyberexecutive order? Is it gonna make lives any safer, any better? And how is it going to impact business because believe me, this sort of thing always impacts our lives. And by the way, some of the Obama advisors have dived in as well.  Craig Peterson here, stick around. Here we go.




As we talked before, there is a huge problem with cybersecurity. We got the $2.3 billion number over the last 3 years, from the FBI just on one type of hack. Just on the CEO hack. And this hack is just pretending to be the CEO. Do a little bit of research, a little bit of doxxing as it’s called. So president, of course, Trump now has stepped in. one of the very first thing he’s done in the first week is release a draft cybersecurity order. Now it’s really kind of interesting to look at and I have looked at the order. But I gotta say too that, you know, President Trump’s getting some bad press even though he’s been doing some of the same things that President Obama’s done. Now, the cyberspace review order that he’s coming up with here is almost identical to what President Obama did which he had ordered. The 60 days cyberspace review shortly after he assumed office, in fact, Obama’s top cybersecurity… top security advisors say that Trump’s executive order is absolutely the right thing for him to do. Now, we’ll see what happens. But the bottom line is this executive order is calling for a review. And it’s due on the president’s desk within a hundred days from when they order it signed. And the president is asking for information about the US’ strengths and weaknesses in our, not just our military networks but our civilian networks and the networks that we use on the civilian’s side for keeping things like electricity up and running. You know, power’s important, right? Our water, our sewage, our dams, etc. And he also wants information about our allies and our enemies in cyberspace. What are they doing? Do we have to protect them? Now think about that for a minute here. We’ve got NATO. We’ve had many alliances in the past, in fact that’s kinda what got World War I started.


But what are our allies going to do if we are under attack? If we’re being attacked? And that’s an excellent question. And it’s one that President Trump wants answered. So all of this is going, right now, back and forth. It’s really a Strategic National Risk Assessment, it’s what they’re calling it. And SNRA, as they have abbreviations for everything when it comes to, you know, Washington, DC. But what’s kinda surprising about this in the draft opinion is that there’s been no mention of the FBI in it. Now that might be an oversight. Obviously the FBI and others really there is no time for them to be consulted. This executive order’s coming out quickly. And I think it’s good, right? I think let’s get that out there. Let’s get some people thinking about it. Get them working about it.


The FBI has always been involved in the research behind cybersecurity issues. They’re the guys that have been prosecuting people. So having them with upfront and absolute knowledge about what’s going on is an important thing. It does mention a number of other agencies that are going to be involved including military. But it is absent at least for the current time. And the FBI has always been really zealous regarding its role when it comes to investigating malicious cyber activities. And in the Obama era, Presidential Policy Directive 41, he really helped establish them right at the court.


Now we’ll see as we go forward. I don’t think President Trump is trying to put the military in the front of this. I know that candidates, Clinton, for instance, was very, very adamant that she thought that if the US was cyberattacked that we would not only attack back but we would move it up. We would escalate and get the military involved. Is that a continuation of her thinking? I really don’t think so. I think it’s probably just an oversight here. We’ve got to have policy coordination. And you know, we’ll keep an eye on this as we go forward. But this review of cyber vulnerability is a very good idea period. Getting the Department of Homeland Security involved can be really good too. It looks like they’re going right in. The DOD is going right into this. And we can, I think, rest assured the FBI is going to be involved as well.

So that’s kind of the basics of what’s happening right now. Obama advisors think this is a great idea. Of course Trump putting it forward and we’ll see this come out of the White House as an executive order pretty soon.


I wanna mention a couple more articles here really quickly that have to do with new technology and some of the dangers of it. First of all, we’ve got MIT graduates here. Husband and wife. 35 and his wife’s 32. Berkeley, California. And they were found dead along with their pets inside their apartment. And the reason for it was it the couple had a 3D printer and this printer uses lasers in order to melt some of the plastic that it’s using to print. And unfortunately it was emitting carbon monoxide. And it also, by the way, these printers that use lasers not only emit carbon monoxide, they emit poisonous gases as well. Their home was closed up and they died of carbon monoxide poisoning there. Their cats or two cats as well as both of them. It’s sad to hear. Sad to see. But kinda keep that in mind. Make sure these things are well ventilated if you have them in your homes and I know we got a lot of listeners who are very geeky and as such of course might have these types of printers. So make sure it is well ventilated.


And I had a couple of questions from yesterday’s daily. We talked yesterday exclusively about who has your back. Protecting your data from government requests. This is a report that comes out from Electronic Frontier Foundation every year and there are really, yes, true. There’s really only a few companies that you know that are rated well by Electronic Frontier Foundation when it comes to letting you know when the government’s demanding information. Also, obviously, they have to ultimately comply. But again, those companies are Adobe, Apple, and again full disclosure. I forgot to mention this yesterday but I am on Apple’s Apple Consultant Network. Their advisory council. So I meet with Cupertino at least monthly. But Apple is one of the top. Adobe’s one of the top. Dropbox, again, one of the top. And again that’s a company that I represent. Sonic. Wikipedia, WordPress and even Yahoo. Yes, Yahoo’s right up there.


Alright, we’re going, of course, tomorrow be back. Talk some more about some of these latest technology and how it’s affecting our lives. What’s going out there frankly? And, I don’t know. We’ll see here. Either way, we’ll probably get into this other executive order tomorrow. We’ll see what ends up coming out. But President Trump signed an executive order just slashing some of the regulations around small businesses. That’s fantastic because, of course, we know most technology comes from small businesses. Those small businesses are bought by bigger businesses and then those products are taken to market in scale and with all of the choking that’s been going because of the regulations around small businesses. These small tech companies just have had a difficult time getting off the ground.


I’m gonna have a couple of people on Saturday. I’m gonna have a small business on the show as well, that uses a lot of technology and I’m reaching out to a young girl who has a YouTube channel. Very successful. She does some really kinda cool, geeky cooking. And what’s interesting in talking to her and her family about her struggles with trying to figure out all of the red tape just so she could start to publish her book. She’s done it. Very successful. Great little lady. So we’ll probably have her on in one of the future podcasts or there on the radio show which will end up as a podcast.


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