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FBI Wants and Adult Conversation and iOS 10.2.1 Problems


Real big news about the latest update on Apple’s iOS 10.2.1, and what’s happening on Samsung’s next Galaxy phone.

Also in the news, is what kind of “adult” conversation is FBI Director James Comey want.

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Airing date: 01/30/2017

FBI James Comey Wants an Adult Conversation – iOS 10.2.1 problems


Craig Peterson: Happy Monday to everybody out there. I am still out west but we’re still doing our dailies as we’ve done now for almost a month. And we’re almost up to show number, I think it’s 900, for my regular broadcast stuff. So we’re making some real headway there. 5 more shows. 5 more weeks until that happens. Now today we got a few things to talk about. Real big news here on the Apple front. You gotta hear this. I am so glad I didn’t do the latest upgrade. We also have a little bit of news about Samsung and what’s happening with their next phone that’s coming out. And I really, really want to talk about FBI director James Comey. He was putting again, well I guess he was kinda held over is the idea, and president Trump said, Hey listen, we’re gonna keep in until your term expires. So let’s have an adult conversation about his adult conversation. You’re listening to Craig Peterson and of course we got another TechSanity Check coming up right now.




By the way we’re doing this with a different device. I use Focusrite a lot for my audio recording and I really like this stuff. This is a Focusrite iTrack Dock. So I’m actually recording this on my iPad using professional microphone and I think it sounds pretty good. It isn’t as good my studio mic. This is a Shure 58 BETA. You know, if you’ve seen bands play before, you’ve probably seen this one. It’s a good mic. A decent mic but the mics I have in the studio, very high end microphones. So it’s gonna sound a little different. So you can obviously tell when I’m on the road, I’m not carrying around those big, heavy, wonderful microphones from our friendly studio.


Alright. Let’s talk about the first thing here. iOS. If you are an Apple user, pay close attention right now. Because iOS 10.2.1 is causing some real problems right now. Some new problems. This is the latest one that just came out last week. I didn’t feel good about it. It’s funny coz oftentimes I’ll just go ahead and install it because it’s rare that Apple has a problem with its various software releases. Well, guess what, this time Apple had a problem. A real problem. And bottom line, if you’re using an iPhone 6 or 6s, you definitely do not want to install 10.2.1. Now it’s possible, if you’ve already upgraded, to drop back to the straight 10.2. They’re still letting you do that. Because of some of the problems. And boy, a lot of people are having a lot of problems.


First of all, they didn’t fix this 30% problem that they’ve had for a while. What they’re doing now is when your battery hit 74 percent, they dim the screen to 70% brightness. When the battery hits 49 percent, they dim your screen to 50% brightness. So, if you have that problem, the trick is you have to go in to settings. You have to go in to display and brightness and then find the digital zoom option, drag the zoom and then drag it back to normal and that way it’ll reset whatever Apple has done. But you have to do that every time your battery runs down. So it’s quite a pain. As I said, roll back to 10.2.


Bluetooth has long been a problem for Apple and it’s crazy. I don’t know why. It’s not that difficult. But now they’re back, some of these problems they’ve solved before. Increased battery drain using Bluetooth. Talking on the iPhone 7 Plus via Bluetooth in a car caused problems with synching in this case, Lynn was talking about it. Lynn Pavlock, and shout out to you Lynn. But in her Ford, apparently, she was having some real problems. And Clara was talking about it too. Clara Pocovich, saying that she can’t connect any device using Bluetooth on her iPhone 6, after the 10.2.1 update so

shout out to Clara. Thanks for the feedback there. By the way, the first one was Richard Rawlings. He’s up from Toronto. Big Maple Leafs fan. Apparently here his Twitter account has the Toronto Maple Leafs logo on it for a picture. But there are problems with lost connectivity, excessive battery drain while Bluetooth is paired and usual tricks, including resetting Bluetooth connections and unpairing and factory resets just don’t seem to help. Sound performance, some developers are saying that there’s degraded audio performance and phone gap in Unity-based apps. So if you’re a programmer and you noticed a problem that might be it. And degraded Wi-Fi. Now I’ve been having problems with Wi-Fi with some of the iOS devices here for a little while.


So all of those reasons mean don’t upgrade to 10.2.1. The 10.3, by the way, is right now in beta and people are actually having better luck with that. If you’re a developer, you can get your hands on that. And you can also sign up for beta testing on Apple’s site and find out a little bit more.


Well there are now leaked photos out of the Samsung Galaxy S8. These are concept images apparently. They are some renders. And I think it’s gonna be… you know a good smartphone… is it gonna be the one to beat? I don’t know. I really don’t. Coz frankly, the Galaxy brand has been badly damaged because of the problems they had with the, of course, the Note 7. And also some of the Galaxy phones that had battery problems and then burning up. So they might have some issues there.


By the way, look for the Chinese companies to really make an in-road this year. They can produce the phones and sell them in the US for about 250 bucks. Really good phones. And they already own the market over there in China. So we’ll see how well they perform here. But Samsung, looks like a nice new phone. They’ve got some nice cool stuff on it based on what we’re seeing and you know these are obviously not releases from Samsung.  But this Galaxy S8 may arrive as early as March. But these other companies are gonna continue to steal away market share from Samsung until it happens. I was just talking with Virginia today, another listener, and shout out to you Virginia. And she was saying that her Galaxy phone that she has, I think she had the, what’s it called, the Edge. That’s what it was. She has a Galaxy Edge. And she was saying that the Galaxy Edge was really problematic for her because she thought that because she had dropped it, it cracked. And now she’s trying to figure out what to do. And she is seriously thinking about going over to an iPhone. So that might be good for her too. But we’re gonna see these Chinese companies really make a big try this year for the smartphones based in the US. So we’ll let you know how that goes as well.


I also wanna point out that when we’re talking about batteries the iPhone… Apple introduced, when was this? I think it was a major release ago in iOS. Apple introduced a new feature to make it so your online browsing experience was improved. Well to tell you, that’s all well and good. But here’s how they improved it. If the Wi-Fi in your area was weak, and you know that happens in a lot of people’s houses. They don’t have great Wi-Fi coverage and, you know, I get it. You can’t afford a good equipment. I don’t get it in the business setting coz you’re losing money by having your people not being able to go online. So what Apple did to solve this problem is Apple put a special setting in your phone. And they turned it on by default. It’s called Apple’s Wi-Fi Assist. What happens is you get into a weak Wi-Fi area and your phone’s having trouble relaying data. Apple automatically switches over to using your data plan. That means, you know, unless you have unlimited data, all of that data usage here on your phone is going to just drive… drive, drive, drive the cost up on your phone. And it can also, by the way, hurt your battery. It kinda depends a little bit. Weak cell signals are gonna hurt your battery too.


So if you are worrying about your phone bill. If you’re seeing increased data usage, you might have a look at this, Apple’s Wi-Fi Assist feature and you’ll find it right there under settings, mobile data… scroll down to the end of the page and you’ll see Wi-Fi assist and that will save you some money here on, bottom line, your phone bills.


Anyways, have a great day. We will talk to you tomorrow. Also, keep an eye out. I have another podcast coming out today which is my podcast with WGIR, Jack Heath. So hopefully we’ll be able to get that out today as well. Keep your eye out. Make sure you subscribe. http://CraigPeterson.com/itunes. Be back tomorrow.


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