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HawksShop.com Compromised by Card Skimming Malware

Who: Atlanta Hawks’ online shop

# of Accounts Breached: undetermined

What was affected: Customers names, addresses and payment card numbers.

When it happened: Started on June 6, 2017

How it happened: Cybercriminals using Magecart card-skimming code attacked the online store of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks, stealing customers names, addresses, ​and payment card numbers.
The Sanguine Labs team at Sanguine Security identified the offending code on the store’s checkout page on Saturday, April 20, according to a post on the security company’s website. But research from RiskIQ following this public disclose revealed that the website, HawksShop.com, had been compromised far longer than that.

Outcome: As of 1 p.m. ET on April 24, HawksShop.com was temporarily down for maintenance, presumably to fix the issue.

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