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Microfiche Data Lost During Move

Who: BC Pension Corporation

# of Accounts Breached: 8,000

What happened: A box of microfiche the size of a Kleenex box disappeared during a recent office move in Victoria

When it happened: January 28, 2019

How it happened: The BC Pension Corporation revealed in a letter Davies received this week, that all of his personal information was lost when a box packed with microfiche (a flat piece of film containing microphotographs) of 8,000 members’ data vanished during a move between Victoria offices. The letter notifying Davies and colleagues wasn’t sent out until two months later.

Outcome: BC Pension Corporation declined a ​request for an on-camera interview, but say they’re sorry for the breach. They are insisting that the risk of identity theft against the 8,000 people affected is low though because it takes special equipment, a microfiche reader, to read the lost data.

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