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Now anyone can fool reCAPTCHA

Researchers have created an automated system to solve Google’s reCAPTCHA auditory challenges.


Poor, poor prove-you’re-a-human reCAPTCHA tests – also known as Completely Automated Procedures for Telling Computers and Humans Apart – they get no respect!

The point of reCAPTCHA challenges is to act as a gate that lets humans through but stops or slows down bots (software robots), so a bot that can solve a CAPTCHA automatically defeats the whole object of reCAPTCHA. And yet, that’s precisely what keeps happening. There are three kinds, and they’ve all been automatically kicked over by researchers:

  1. Image Challenge: when Google makes you select related images from a set.
  2. Audio Challenge: when you need to enter numbers that are read out loud.
  3. Text Challenge: when you need to pick all the phrases that match a given category.


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