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Three Critical Security Flaws Fixed in Apple iOS

Click on a link on your iPhone and get details about torture in the United Arab Emirates’ prisons. All Mansoor had to do was click the link, and as a human rights activist, why not?

Mansoor knew better. He reported the suspicious text to an Internet watchdog named Citizen Lab. Two weeks later an Israeli cyberespionage firm had defeated a powerful new piece of eavesdropping spyware.

The link in the text message was a militarized form of phishing spyware, using three before undisclosed weaknesses in Apple’s iOS. By clicking on the link, his hackers could have eavesdropped on calls, harvest messages, activate his camera and pull personal data.

Apple issued a fix for the vulnerabilities Thursday, working at a blistering pace to get it out before the vulnerability spread.

To update your iPhone, open Settings, then General, then Software Update, then “Install.” (iOS 9.3.5 is the version you want.)


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