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Why I recommend using a Hard Drive Data Recovery Service When you have a Hard Disk Failure

Two types of crashes occur on computers today. The first is a logical failure which happens when the computer’s operating system crashes. The other is a physical failure that results when there is a malfunction of the hard disk. Both types lead to non-accessible data. Just because you can’t access it does not mean it is not there, it is just unavailable to the ordinary methods of obtaining it. Hopefully, you had a backup image of the data. However, if you don’t, there are hard drive data recovery solutions that can be used to save your data.

Although you can find data recovery software on the internet that advertises they can retrieve your data, I recommend using a recovery specialist. Many times the software works fine, but sometimes it does not and that can create more extensive problems.

Recovering Data is a process that can take hours. That means that your device will be spinning while it works to recover your data. For disks, which are experiencing issues this process can exacerbate them possibly resulting in wiping all of your data off the drive rather than of recovering it.

That is why I recommend sending your drive to a professional data recovery specialist. These organizations are trained to avoid those common issues that show up during the recovery process. They are trained and have access to tools and advanced software to assure that they retrieve as much of the data as possible. They work efficiently to recover your data promptly thereby reducing your downtime.

Hard Disks are complicated, which means there are quite a few ways that they can fail. When you contact one of these professional firms, they can diagnose the exact problem with your equipment and can get you operational quickly.

Below are some of the professional recovery companies I have found in the Worcester, Massachusetts Area.


X-Files Recovery
– xfilesrecovery.com
– 5 Middlesex Ave, Ste 315, Somerville, MA 02145
– Phone number (617) 595-1978
– Rating: 4.5

CTS Computer
– www.ctscomputer.com
– 303 Watertown Street, Newton, MA 02458
– (617) 964-8927
– Rating: 4.5

The Computer Cafe
– compcafe.com
– Arlington Center, 430 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02474
– (857) 323-0314
– Rating: 4.5

File Savers Data Recovery
– filesaversdatarecovery.com
– 8 Faneuil Hall Marketplace, 3/F, Boston, MA 02109
– (617) 849-8136
– Rating: 3.5

Iron Mountain – Northborough
– solutions.ironmountain.com
– 175 Bearfoot Rd, Northborough, MA 01532
– (855) 245-2194
– Rating: N/A

Iron Mountain – Oxford
– solutions.ironmountain.com
– 17 Pioneer Dr, Oxford, MA 01537
– (855) 245-2194
– Rating: N/A


Here are other data recovery services that offer nationwide coverage:

The Data Recovery Geeks
– www.thedatarecoverygeeks.com
– (888) 560-4290

Data Recovery Leaders
– www.datarecoveryleaders.com
– (866) 501-6930

DriveSavers Data Recovery
– www.drivesaversdatarecovery.com
– (800) 440·1904

Secure Data Recovery
– www.securedatarecovery.com
– (800) 388-1266


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