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Cyber Security has been our focus for more than 25 years.

Virtually every company today uses firewalls to enforce perimeter security. However, this security model is problematic because the network edge eventually gets breached, people bring intruders into the network via their email, thumb drives, and social media.
So once in a network, attackers have relatively easy access to everything. So much for a company’s privileged intranet.

Businesses are relying more and more on mobile and cloud technologies. Younger, more Internet-dependant workforces. And tighter integration with suppliers and customers.

The old firewall perimeter is becoming increasingly difficult to enforce. Frankly, for most Small and Medium sized businesses, our once sacred networks are a hodge-podge of vendors and technologies. And Cyber Security risks.

Mainstream is taking a different approach to network security. We are removing the requirement for a privileged intranet, adding multiple layers of security throughout, tieing Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and our Network and Security Operations Centers together to provide some of the best Small and Medium Business security available anywhere.

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