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Not a Single Successful Ransomware Attack. Ever.

for any of our clients. over 30 years.

We Take Care of All Your Cybersecurity. Completely.

Cloud. Servers. Networks. People.

Full Regulatory Compliance.


No Intellectual Property Stolen. Without Exception.

From Any of more than 5,000 clients.

Phishing Attacks



Insider Threats

Legacy Systems

Tested Backups


Weak Passwords

Business Continuity


Shadow IT

Remote Workers

Here’s What Working With Us Looks like:

We Schedule a Call to
Determine Your Needs

We Develop a Complete
Step-by-Step CyberSecurity Plan

We Help You With the Implementation

In my 25+ years in the IT business I have yet to meet someone more knowledgeable and more committed to getting it right than Craig and his team. From the project managers to the technicians the team was top notch. I would gladly recommend Craig and his company to any business…

Frank Catanese

CTO, The State of New Hampshire

…truly the expert source for all things Internet and related. Always able to produce a creative, custom, secure solution to suit my business needs. Has delivered the same high quality, expert results that exceeded my expectations on every project… I highly recommend and trust their ability.

Lucille Marston

Director, Information Technology, Hitachi Cable

You are the most professional people I know in [the IT] business.

Joseph Mitchell

Chief Operating Officer, Car Dealer

A true Cybersecurity expert with all of the tools of a world-class computer expert.

Frank Stama

President, Investment Advisory and Wealth Management

[Craig’s team] is an ideal choice for insuring the integrity and security of your data. His knowledge, experience and innovative abilities can help you stay ahead of the ever increasing network security threats facing corporations today.

Glen Zibolis

Owner, Granite Rhode Associates

You will be hard pressed to find a Network Security expert whose technical acumen and project management skills match Craig’s. He comes with my highest recommendation, he is a leader in the field.

Mike Melville

Vice President, Winter Wyman

Mainstream Cybersecurity Services was founded in 1993 when Craig got hit by the “Morris Worm,” one of the first pieces of malware on the Internet. He didn’t know what to do, and no one could help him. Craig had to design and implement his own security solution, and he was soon approached by other businesses who wanted him to do the same for them. After that experience, he decided to start a company that would help other enterprises to prevent and recover from computer attacks.

Mainstream is a small business itself, serving companies from 10 to 250 employees who need relief and more expertise in designing and maintaining regulatory-compliant cybersecurity.

Our mission is simple: We want to provide expertise to relieve your business of the uncertainty of enhancing, developing, and maintaining regulatory-compliant cybersecurity measures.

We start with scans to define the problem, work with our client to define priorities, then develop a solution that closes existing gaps. Finally, we help develop and implement a response to protect data and intellectual property from cyber criminals and ensure compliance with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and NIST 800-171.

And for many Federal Government contractors, there are two main groups of cyber security regulations Craig has worked with: those that apply to all contractors working with any branch or agency within the DoD and those that apply specifically to defense contractors. The former group includes FAR Part 1520, the broad set of regulations for information security controls that applies to anyone with a DoD contract that handles data (and not necessarily classified data) with an impact higher than Low. It also includes DFARS Part 252, which contains additional requirements for contractors handling anything more than public information. In addition, there’s NIST SP 800-171, a framework for implementing the Cyber Security Assessment and Management (CSAM) process that applies to all organizations within the DoD and any outside service providers who will be given access to DoD information systems. If your company has a contract with the DoD

Craig has been successfully inspiring and leading award-winning teams of 10 to 50 people in projects spanning six months to several years. He’s helped over 50,000 business people and Federal, State, County, and City Government Agencies fix security problems. Even Federal law enforcement has used Craig’s services.

How about you?

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