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Our Managed Anti-virus solution delivers enterprise class protection, and is maintained and updated 24/7 by our Network Operations Center, keeping your business secure while saving you money.

Managed AntiVirus Service:

  • Proactive and Comprehensive Security, Monitoring and Management
  • Continually Updated AntiVirus Rules to Protect Against New Threats
  • Centralized deployment and updating of rules & software ensures coverage and consistency

Do-It-Yourself Antivirus Software:

  • Far behind the curve regarding new threats
  • Computers are not kept up-to-date
  • Systems vulnerable for days, weeks or months
  • Requires manual monitoring and maintenance to remain current and effective
  • Relies on end-user decisions for operation
  • Available Patches and Updates often go Uninstalled
  • Licenses need to be renewed, keys installed and software upgraded

Antivirus or anti-virus software is software used to prevent, detect and remove malware (of all descriptions), such as: computer viruses, malicious BHOs,hijackersransomwarekeyloggersbackdoorsrootkitstrojan horsesworms, malicious LSPsdialersfraudtoolsadware and spywareComputer security, including protection from social engineering techniques, is commonly offered in products and services of antivirus software companies. This page discusses the software used for the prevention and removal of malware threats, rather than computer security implemented by software methods.

A variety of strategies are typically employed. Signature-based detection involves searching for known patterns of data within executable code. However, it is possible for a computer to be infected with new malware for which no signature is yet known. To counter such so-called zero-day threatsheuristics can be used. One type of heuristic approach, generic signatures, can identify new viruses or variants of existing viruses by looking for known malicious code, or slight variations of such code, in files. Some antivirus software can also predict what a file will do by running it in a sandbox and analyzing what it does to see if it performs any malicious actions.

No matter how useful antivirus software can be, it can sometimes have drawbacks. Antivirus software can impair a computer’s performance, hence another benefit to using our managed antivirus services. Inexperienced users may also have problems understanding the prompts and decisions that antivirus software presents them with. An incorrect decision may lead to a security breach. If the antivirus software employs heuristic detection, success depends on achieving the right balance between false positives and false negatives. False positives can be as destructive as false negatives.[1] Finally, antivirus software generally runs at the highly trusted kernel level of the operating system, creating a potential avenue of attack.[2]

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